Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Zip Lining

We had the awesome opportunity to go zip lining! I had never been before so I was way stoked.  

Here we are all getting suited up.

In the back of the truck to head to the first zip line.

The first zip line was my favorite. We got to go superman style and you legitimately felt like you were flying! It was so awesome. And Claire even went! She was so brave!

Green, Green, Green

At one point Claire got stuck (because she is so light) and someone had to go out and get her!

The whole gang (including the bishop and his first counselor, don't they look young?!)

It was so much fun! Next up, Christmas at the orphanage :)

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  1. When we did a zip line in Mexico we weren't allowed to bring our camera! So your lucky to get those cool shots!