Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Being a mom to twins

Being a mom to twins is the hardest thing I have yet to experience. It is the hardest but it is also the most rewarding. I haven't had time to blog much lately so this post is going to be picture updates of the little moments I don't want to forget.

1. Natalie's little chicken legs 2. Jimmy's little chicken legs

1. Babies all swaddled up 2. Dad and his babes

 For Christmas my dad made each of us a beautiful heart shaped jewelry box, something I will always cherish.

 The babies slept in these little "chairs" the first month of their lives because their bassinets were just too big for them!

1. What you need to do when both babies want to be held 2. For our four year anniversary Nathan took me to Wrigley Mansion where we had our wedding reception for dinner! The Mansion surprised us and paid for our meal, it was delicious!

1. Towards the end of December James and Rivka came to meet the babies! 1. We went orange picking while they were in town, it was so fun.

 So little!

 When the babies turned four weeks they got RSV. Jimmy had to spend two nights in the hospital and Natalie had to spend half of a night in the hospital. It was so scary and sad, I am so happy they are feeling better now!

At the end of January all of Nathan's family came to town! The girls just loved the babies.

Baby wearing at the zoo!

On January 25 Nathan blessed our sweet babies.

One month appointment stats:
8lbs 1oz 14%
20.5in 24%
14in head 59%

7lb 14oz 4%
20.5in 10%
14.5in head 51%

#twinlife #twinmom

Hanging out with their new pal who is just one day younger than them, Liam

Babies in diapers are my favorite

The first month of their lives they hated the bath, now they love it!

1. Real life 2. Natalie being cute

 Chicks dig me. It's the truth!

I love squishy baby bums!!


 Valentine's Day 2015

For Valentine's Day Nathan took me to Pickle and Pig, It was delicious!
For Presidents' Day weekend my best friends Joslin and Kaitlin came to town, it was so fun having them, can't wait for them to come back again!

The ultimate selfie with the babes

Twins being twins!

Two month stats
10lbs 6oz 29%
21.5in 11%
14.5in head 23%

10lb 13oz 17%
21.5in 3%
15.5in head 73%

Natalie loves being held all the time, and will cry when you set her down. She spits up aaallloooottt so the doctor thinks she may have acid reflux. We have her on a new medicine so hoping it makes her feel better! Jimmy can't turn his head in one direction because in the womb he was facing one direction the entire time and never used the other muscle so he will be doing physical therapy. Other than that the babies are great and growing like champs! Natalie is a little diva and tells you exactly what she wants while Jimmy is a quiet, gentle boy who loves giving hugs. Love these two with all my heart.

1. They are getting so big! 2. This happens often where both won't nap unless being held, so I will wear Natalie in the wrap and swaddle Jimmy, and sit in the rocking chair for two hours while they sleep, ha! The things a mom does to get her babies to sleep.

 1. Nathan turned 27! Love this guy so much. We went to Genghis Grill with some friends for this birthday 2. Love freshly bathed babies in clean jammies

 My heart

Sorry for the overload, just don't want to miss all these special moments!


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