Monday, February 28, 2011

He's gone....

Stefan and Rivka came to town over President's Day weekend. We had a great time hanging out with them :)

We went shopping at missionary mall for Stefan

Stefans mission Netherlands-Belgium

Rivka took us out to dinner for Nathan's birthday/Stefans last supper at Toucanos. Sooo good!!

My hunny and I

Everyone singing Happy Birthday to Nathan while he did a little dance

And goodbye to Stefan :( Nathan is lucky because he will get to see Stefan weekly!
We miss Rivka and Stefan lots.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day and Nathan's Birthday

Valentine's Day was CRAZY. I work at Campus Craft and Floral and I knew vday was going to be crazy but it was even crazier then I thought. It was a non stop line out the door. I worked from 4AM to 7PM, with a 20 minute break. I cannot believe I survived that day. Nathan worked till 9PM that night so I did not see much of him :( But I came home to this:

The post-its say: She is stunning, She is hilarious, She is sexy, She is smart, She is thoughtful, She makes me the most blessed man on the earth, She is mine, I love my wife.
And some of my favorite candy on our bed. Seriously, how cute is he?? I had dinner ready for him when he came home. It was a fun but busy Valentine's Day.

Nathan turned 23 yesterday! He is so old! Just kidding. I made him breakfast in the morning. Then we both had classes and work. He came home, we ate some sushi, he opened his presents then off to Anniversary Inn! We had the Jackson Hole room. It was so cool! Here are some fun pictures:

The Birthday Boy on our covered wagon bed


Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Week of Salt Lake

This last week has been crazy but fun. I've been working crazy hours and we both had lots of tests this week but found some time to go to Salt Lake... three times.

First trip: Bulls game

Nathans dad bought us tickets for his birthday

It was a close game the whole time but the Bulls won by 5 in the end (and I am still a Suns fan, I like the Bulls second to the Suns).

Second Trip: Suns game

A bunch of our friends (about 200 of them) went to the Suns game. It was awesome, we were even on ESPN.

The Suns really struggled the first half and we were always down by about 10...

But don't worry! We rocked the second half and won by 8!

Third trip: Dinner with mission friends at PF Changs

We went out to eat with three of Nathan's old mission companions (2 are married and 1 is engaged). The food was delicious and our waitress was awesome. She brought out gluten free lettuce wraps for me since I couldn't eat the regular ones and didn't charge us! There was also a birthday in each of the couples, so she brought out a big slice of chocolate cake AND a piece of delicious fudge for me! It was great.

Now for a 12 hours work day tomorrow and classes... Wish me luck!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Homey Home

Where we cuddle

Where many movies are watched (including Lord of the Rings, our current obsession)

By: Momo Waldrom

Where all the wonderful cooking is done :)

Table for two please

Our tiny bathroom

Our cute comfy comforter from Crate and Barrel

I am in LOVE with these mirrors my Mom made! She's the greatest :)

It says:
Ali and Nathan
December 30th, 2010
Mesa, Arizona Temple
I love this picture!

All three pictures cost a dollar at Ikea!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Month of Love

Hello! My name is Ali, this is my third attempt at blogging and lets hope this time I'll be successful. Just wanna get everyone up to date. First off, Panama:
December 19-24, 2010

The gang on the streets of Old Panama City

A recycled Christmas tree

A cathedral alter plated in gold leaf

Panama City
The view from our hotel in Gamboa
Another view from our room. Beautiful!
Panamanian Folk Dancers
Nathan and I watching the dancers
On our way to Monkey Island!!
And then it started pouring...
The crazy little monkeys! They were so cute.
Yes, they were on our boat and sitting on our laps and jumping on our heads.
We saw tons of animals. Crocodiles, toucans, parrots, snakes, iguanas and monkeys.
And lastly a fun bike ride in Panama City.

I then arrived in Phoenix on Christmas Eve and Nathan went to Chicago. It seemed like everything that could go wrong before the wedding went wrong. The groomsmen's ties didn't come in. Nathan's suit was missing for awhile. The list goes on and on. But on our wedding day everything went perfectly. Although it did snow, which never happens in Arizona, certainly a day to remember. The day started with the sealing at 10:30. Then we took some pictures around the temple. Then off to the luncheon at Tia Rosas. Then off to Wrigley mansion. The reception was perfect! It was everything I hoped and dreamed for. We are still waiting on the wedding pictures... But as soon as I get them I will be sure to post some! Nathan and I are now back up at school in Utah and loving married life living in our tiny apartment. Valentine's Day is in 8 days and Nathan's birthday is in 12! Next week I work 49 hours for the flower shop... Wish me luck!