Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas in the Philippines

Christmas in the Philippines certainly was one to remember! On Christmas Eve we got to go to Patsy's ward party. It was too fun.
1. Nathan and the girls in a "taxi" 2. Christmas photo op 3. At the party they had a pot full of candy that the children had to break (kind of like a pinata) 4. This little boy was so nice and would not stop talking to us!

 Then on Christmas day we had the AMAZING opportunity to go to an orphanage. 1. When we first walked in this little girl just walked up to Dani with her arms wide open wanting to be held. Later we found out that she is new to the orphanage and that her Grandmother and Mother used to tie her up because they did not want to chase her around :( 2. Some cool kids and I. 3. The kids sang and danced to some songs. 4. One of the songs was all about Christ and how he was crucified for us. We all started balling during this song.

1. This little boy was my favorite, his name is Rubin. 2. We gave all the kids star ornaments to draw on and Rubin drew me and him on his. 3. Claire and I playing with their puppy. 4. The kids loved Nathan.

On almost every ornament the children wrote something about God or Jesus. Such amazing kids!

The next day we went to lunch with Rivka's friend. Rivka went to elementary school with her in Jerusalem and they haven't seen each other since! Oh, and Claire LOVES karaoke :)

Next up, one of the seven natural wonders of the world!

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  1. such cute pictures...what an amazing trip..I can't wait to see those frame thingys you are making. love ya