Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Big News, Big Move!

We have even more big news (other than the fact that we are having twins) to announce! We are packing our bags in Sacramento and moving to Scottsdale! 

It was a hard decision to come to but we felt like it was best for our family. A little over a month ago Apple sought out Nathan for a job in the Bay. Intel has big offices in Chandler, AZ and that had been our potential plan to move to Arizona to have a little bit of help when the twins come along. Now with Apple offering Nathan this awesome job it made our decision even harder. After much thought and prayer we felt that it was right for Nathan to stay with Intel and for us to head down to Arizona. We are excited for our new adventure and look forward to seeing all our friends and family down there! We will be moving around the 1st of November. 

Oh, and did I mention we bought a house?! Well we are in the process of buying this cute house in South Scottsdale right now and I cannot tell you how excited I am! One more thing, DO NOT TELL MORGAN WALDROM. My sister comes home from her year and a half long mission in the Philippines in November and she does not know we are moving to Arizona, we are surprising her :) 


  1. yay can't wait to visit you in AZ. cutest house! BAHHH

  2. YAY!! And that is so awesome you guys are already in the process of buying! crazy! So so SO many exciting NEW things happening for you guys!

  3. yay! Congratulations you guys! This is going to be sooo awesome for you!