Thursday, January 26, 2012

Puerto Princesa, Manila and the Underground River

Nathan again! To finish off our trip we took a small plane to the island of Palawan. We stayed in some awesome beach shacks and finally got to relax a bit!
 When we got tired of having too much sand in our cracks we jumped in the pool and had some yummy smoothies. The place really was paradise.

We all had fun playing in the sand and making castles. Leah was probably giggling about something here.

One of the cool little excursions on the island took us to an underground river. It is one of the new 7 wonders of the natural world.
 Inside the cave we saw some pretty cool formations. The place was filled with bats; some that were sleeping and others darting around catching bugs.

Our last night on the island we got to have a great dinner on the beach. It was such a fun way to wind down the trip.

Ali and I spent an extra day in Manila and we got to spend our anniversary there! Happy 1 year! I took her to a Philippino restaurant with traditional dancing. The last day of the trip we took a carriage tour of the old colonial Spanish town of Manila, most of which was destroyed during WWII. We have no pictures from New Years because we were pooped and went to bed at 10pm. We also got a little worried about trying to catch a cab back at 1am. We were awaken at midnight to what sounded like hundreds of car bombs going off, but eventually made it back to sleep before catching our flights for the long journey home! All in all it was a pretty amazing trip. I can definitely say it ranks in my top 4!

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  1. Top 4!?!?? You world traveller, what an amazing trip!! Love, cady