Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Snakes, Monkeys and Birds

Now it's time for the Snake Show! There were all kinds of snakes and my personal favorite was the cobras! These guys would do crazy things and these snakes seemed pretty ticked about it!!

And we got to hold a boa! Man, those things are HEAVY!!

Now off to Malaysia for a day! We went to Bird World which is the worlds largest free flight walk in aviary.  Before we even walked into the park we saw a little monkey in the tree. As we got closer to the monkey literally thirty other monkeys came over to us! It was crazy but awesome :)
*My camera died in Malaysia and I forgot my charger... So these pictures are from Rivkas camera. But don't worry, I bought a charger!*

Some super sweet birds with claire!!

Petronas Towers, beautiful buildings!
Now we are off to the Philippines!!

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