Monday, January 2, 2012

Seoul, Korea

Nathan and I left Thursday night after finals. We had a flight to LA then from LA we flew to Seoul.  In Seoul we had a 12 hour layover so we decided to get out and see the city. It was FREEZING there, even colder than Provo! It was an interesting city, and I am not too crazy about Korean food, not my favorite.

Gyeongbok Palace

 1.The meal I was given on our flight to Korea, bibimbap. 2. The first car in Korea, the emperors car. 3. This sweet market that sells everything for so cheap. 4. Gyeongbok palace with the imperial guards.

We found this at a street vendor and it tasted real good! Later on we found out that it was fish paste...

1. The market again. 2. Everyone rides motor bikes here, and as you can see they can carry just about anything on them! Even more than a car could carry! 3. With every meal they have about 15 different sides. 4. Nathan enjoying some Korean bbq.

Then we were off to Bangkok, more to come!

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