Monday, June 9, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We went on the funnest camping trip with Nathan's family over Memorial Day weekend. Nathan's aunt Tamara and her family lives in Ashland, OR and Stefan and Erin are living in Portland for the summer so we all met up in the middle at Squaw Lake, OR to go camping! It was a blast. Great company, great weather and great location! On our drive up we drove by Mt. Shasta, it was breathtaking! 

Once we got to Squaw Lake Nathan decided to take a little dip. What's so cool about this campsite is that there are no cars/roads. You park your car in a parking lot then pay a guy $10 to come get your stuff on his quad and trailer and he takes it to your campsite for you. Each campsite is about a 10 minute walk from each other so you are totally secluded. It was so nice not to be bothered by other campers or cars.

All these pictures are from Tamara and Vince, they are quite the photographers!

Hanging out with my two favorites Sky and Sage on the hammock

Mountain man, doesn't he look good with a beard?!

Where we had church, it was awesome!

On our hike to Little Squaw Lake, it was beautiful!

Hanging out in the lake

This guy got his first dutch oven and is the master of cooking with it now

The whole gang

We went rafting on our last day there and all the boys went cliff jumping, the water was too cold for me!

The whole gang again, it was so fun rafting!!!

I love this guy of mine!

It was such a fun camping trip, and all thanks to Tamara and Vince, they are the best!!!