Friday, January 6, 2012

Tigers in Chiang Mai

Now that we've ridden elephants, it's time to play with tigers! We got to go to Tiger Kingdom and play with tigers of all sizes! It was a very fun day. My favorite was playing with the babies, they were only two months old!

This little guy just fell right asleep on Kevin's lap! And we got up to leave it started to cry!! Too cute.

The whole gang

Play time

They are such beautiful animals!! But check out those teeth! Eek!

But all these tigers really want are some snuggles and love! They're basically like house pets!!

Overall, a very fun day in Tiger Kingdom :)

Next up, SNAKES!!!


  1. how in the world are those tigers not eating you guys?!

  2. k that is so cool! we need to get together soon cuz i wanna hear more about your trip!

  3. Nathan likes cats now? Why didn't you bring me home one?

  4. I forgot Dani is prego!! Cute!