Monday, July 13, 2015

Israel--Days 1 & 2

We had the amazing opportunity to go to Israel with Nathan's family. It was a trip I will never forget! Nathan's grandpa, David Galbraith, helped start the BYU Jerusalem center and it was remarkable going there with him. I learned so much and am so grateful we were able to go where Jesus walked! I was nervous about taking the babies but they were such rockstars! They're the best little world travelers.

The first couple nights were rough trying to get the babies on the right sleeping schedule but they figured it out pretty quickly!

Saturday: We went to church on Saturday because that is the Sabbath day in Jerusalem. We got to attend the LDS church at the BYU Jerusalem center with the most amazing view.

1. Morgan's best friend is currently attending the BYU Jerusalem center, it was fun seeing her! 2. I love this picture of Erin and James at church.

The whole Galbraith clan, I love these guys!

1. I'm not one to post nursing pictures, but who can say they've nursed with that view?! 2. After church we went on a tour (given by Grandpa David himself) of the Old City.

Sunday: I don't have very many pictures for our Sunday activities. First we went to Yad Vashem, a holocaust museum. Those museums always get me. It fascinates me but breaks my heart at the same time. Kids under 12 were not allowed to go to the museum so the babies stayed behind with Otein and Rivka. How cute is this picture of Natalie asleep on Otein?!

After Yad Vashem we went through Hezekiahs Tunnel. Its a man made water system. It was amazing! (Also no kids under 5 allowed, good thing we have the best babysitters around!)

Amazing first two days, more to come!