Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Utah--Part 2

The wedding was Thursday so that left the whole weekend for us to hang out with family! The Gallbraiths are big board game players and I love it! It was fun staying up til the wee hours laughing and playing games with this crowd.

Hannah Banana loves olives!

Canasta! I love this game.

Nathans birthday was yesterday but we celebrated it while we were in Utah. We went to Toucanos for his birthday, mmmm. Here is Claire Bear sippin on her drink.

Rivka and Nathan

Leah Lou, what a cutie!

I ate a chicken heart! It didn't taste too weird. I love Claires face, she is looking at me like I'm crazy ha!

Birthday boy and I

Dani and Kev-bot

The whole gang (missing Erin and Stefan, Stefan got sick on his honeymoon!) I love the mountains and lights in the background.

Later that night Stefan and Erin opened all their wedding presents.

Someone from Stefans mission in the Netherlands sent him a package that included these cute mugs!

Naomi, Kevin and Dani watching them open presents.

More of the gang watching the present opening.

Stefan, Erin and Paige

Rivka, Me and Nathan

Joel at his selfies again!

April and I imitating Howie.

Don't we look just like him?!

 Our last day in Utah we got to see Cam, Julie and their new baby Alexandra!

It was so fun seeing them, we love them so much!

It was a fun trip to Utah and we hate going back to reality!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Erin & Stefan

A new family member has been added to the Van De Graaff family and we just love her! Stefan married Erin on February 13 and the wedding was a dream! It made me think of my wedding day and how perfect it was. Nathan and I flew into Utah Wednesday night and rushed to Grandpa and Oteins to do the flowers for the wedding. I had my BFFs Kaitlin and Joslin come over and help me. We all worked at Campus Floral and love working with flowers so it was a blast to do the flowers for the wedding!

We were so happy with how the flowers turned out! This is Erin's bouquet. 


Another centerpiece

Helping set up for the reception 

Loved the location, the brick walls and chandelier were beautiful!

The wedding colors were navy, gray and pink.

The schedule

The happily married couple :)

The Van De Graaff family is now complete :)

Sweet nieces

My boo and I 

 The handsome groomsmen and groom

Isn't Erin too cute?! I loved her wedding dress!

My BFFs and I

They are so in love with each other!

This place was hoppin!

First dance

Bouquet toss

Garter toss

And the send off

The wedding was perfect! I am so happy for the two love birds :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

San Francisco

Nathan and I have been meaning to go to San Francisco ever since we moved here but never made it. Well we finally went a couple weeks ago! We really wanted to go see Alcatraz so we watched the movie "Escape from Alcatraz" the night before to prep ourselves for the trip. Touring Alcatraz was awesome! It was so interesting, we both loved learning new things. (Sorry about the phone pictures, my camera died after taking 1 picture! I always forget to charge it!)

How the guys escaped

 A nice view of the Golden Gate from the island

1. The window for visitation rights. 2. Pockmarks from grenades during the "battle of Alcatraz"

 1. the cell for solitary confinement. 2. a picture that turned out kinda cool :)


 After Alcatraz we rode our bikes over to China Town!

It was so fun walking around!

We saw some pretty crazy things in the market, like sharks...

or chicken feet....

We loved biking around the city (except for those HUGE hills). For dinner we ate at the Cheesecake Factory on top of Macys.

Dinner with a great view!

It was such a fun little day trip and we plan on doing it again!