Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Homey home

We loved being home for a couple days! It was nice to enjoy 70 degree weather :) The first night we were home we went to my FAVORITE restaurant called Pizza Picazzos, best gluten free pizza around.
1. My lovely parents. 2. Nathan sometimes gets annoyed with all my picture taking so sometimes I take pictures by myself.

Emily, Paul, Nathan and I went to the temple thinking the Christmas lights would be on....but we were wrong.

It was also my little sister Morgan's birthday while we were home. Here she is opening her new iPhone!

We also got to decorate our tree. Love doing that, especially since we don't have a tree at our home.

Love birds again :)

We miss being home. But only 8 more days of classes!!

Monday, November 28, 2011


My family and I went to Disneyland on Black Friday and it was SO much fun! Here is a picture overload:
1. Paul and I waiting for the park to open. 2. Nathan and I in front of the HUGE tree.

Went on the NEW Space Tours ride (that was awesome!!) and trying on some fun hats in the gift shop.

Before and after on Splash Mountain 

The whole gang outside of Splash Mountain

My favorite ride Thunder Mountain

Playing a quick game of checkers

Toy Story Mania, another favorite

I love my family

Lunch time! Summer sausage and crackers :)

Check out those muscles!

Monsters Inc. ride

My dad's favorite (and he always drives!) Indiana Jones

Jungle Cruise

Winnie the Pooh ride

Love Birds

1. Paul and Nathan have weak stomachs and can't handle the teacups. 2. My dad spins teacups REAL fast. 3. Lo and I. 4. Emily trying her hardest.

It's A Small World

This was the highlight of the trip. We kept sticking stickers on Emily's back and she had no idea! This was her reaction:

Enjoying some hot chocolate during the fireworks!

Look how beautiful!!!

It was such a fun trip! More pictures to come of the rest of the trip!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving with Friends

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with some close friends! It was tons of fun. Nathan and I provided the turkey while everyone else brought a different Thanksgiving dish. 
 The cute centerpieces I made... Got the idea off Pinterest :)

Oh yes. And we all had to dress up as pilgrims or indians. Nathan is the cutest Indian ever!

The wonderful turkey Nathan made
The whole gang

 The two best costumes

 Cam and Julie = cute pilgrims

Curtis and Tori = cute people

Spencer and Sadey = more cute "normal looking" people

Brad and Courtney = coolest indians EVER
                                     And after dinner we hunted some turkeys! Tons of fun.

Overall a very fun night! Nathan and I surprised my family by coming home on Saturday (although we told them we would be home Monday.) We sure do love being home!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Our last game as Cougars. It was bittersweet but I am glad I don't have to go to anymore four hour games.

And we may have left at half time.... We were up by 28 points! So stoked for the basketball season!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Tree

My family had the tradition of making a Thanksgiving Tree every year so Nathan and I are going to keep this tradition going in our own little family! 

First cut out the trunk out of a paper grocery bag and crumple it

Then add leaves and write on each leaf one thing you are grateful for

 Isn't it adorable! :)

 On another note, I saw SEVEN deer on campus today! It was awesome.

And here are some cute pictures of me skyping with Tristan and Lo. Sure do love them and can't wait to see them in a week and a half! :)