Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas in New York City

This is Nathan filling in for Ali. My dad travels to New York regularly, so we thought it would be fun to meet up with him and my mom there this time. And as a special treat they brought Claire (our niece) along with them.
 We got in late Thursday night, but first thing Friday morning we hopped in a cab down to Macy's on 34 St. to visit Santaland. We were all blown away by how well it was done. 

 Because we got there before the crowds, Claire got to spend about 5 minutes with Santa. This Santa was legit! 

 After Santaland we walked around the store and looked at some of their great window displays.

 The huge tree at Rockefeller Center. Apparently trees don't grow that large in the wild, so people actually donate them from their front yards. Crazy.

 Of course we had to stop by FAO Schwarz, and that large gorilla was right there to greet Ali. He only costs $1500! Then Ali and Claire jumped over to the Big piano to play some tunes.

 We didn't have much time to squeeze everything in on Friday, but my mom found a one hour version of the Nutcracker. Perfect!

 The main reason for the whole trip, however, was to see Elf. My uncle Bob actually wrote the theatrical version of this musical on Broadway (adaptation from the movie). We were all surprised to see that Santa was played by Newman from Seinfeld!

Rockefeller at night and more window displays.

Tao restaurant. Awesome shabu shabu and a great atmosphere. Thanks Dad!
We stopped by the Museum of Natural History to see what they had there and found this awesome origami tree. On our way back to the hotel we found this great little Christmas market in Central Park. Everything was too pricey for us, but look at my pretty wife! Merry Christmas city to visit, but too big for this Chicago boy!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Nathan and I went to Northbrook for Thanksgiving and had the greatest time! I mean who doesn't love food and family?! And at Thanksgiving dinner there was gluten free bread, gluten free stuffing AND gluten free pie, I couldn't have been happier!

 Leah and Nathan

 Sabrina, Uncle Peter and Aunt Kath

 Claire, Hannah, Dani and Kevo

Patsy and Rivka--Nathan and Hannah

 Leah, Me and Hannah

We went to the best Persian Buffet in town, literally stuffed ourselves again!

 And we went to Medieval Times! Each section has a knight and your cheer your knight on as they joust and sword fight the other sections knights and our knight won! It was so fun!

And you had to eat your food with your hands, no utensils allowed!

It was so fun being with family for the holiday and we are looking forward to going to Phoenix for Christmas!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Romney Rally

Cady and I went to the Romney rally today in Fairfax! It was so fun and so great to see him speak. I really think he can do great things for this country. Get out and vote tomorrow!!

 I seriously love this couple.
 Such a classy lady.
 Romney is the man! 
I am so nervous for tomorrow, but can't wait to see the results!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Life lately according to my iphone

1. Cady and I crafted this morning 2. I voted today

3. A headband I made based off something I saw on pinterest 4. Our thanksgiving tree full of leaves

5. Nathan and I as Hermoine and Dracula on Halloween 6. Just started this book and am loving it!

 7. This was my face during Hurricane Sandy, it rained and was real windy but nothing too dramatic happened here 8. My new combat books that I love wearing

 9. Go Romney! 10. There are no mountains here so I went on a walk in my new hiking boots to get ready for the Grand Canyon

Life is swell here over on the east coast and we are counting down the days till the holidays!!