Monday, April 20, 2015

Months 3 & 4

I have been so awful at blogging so I am going to have to do a big picture dump! Life has been crazy with two!  

1. Love morning snuggles!! 2. We love going out to eat with the babies, we wrap them up and they just fall asleep! 

1. Love clean babies after bath 2. Natalie had to get an ultrasound on her hips because she was born breech but everything checked out great!

 They love us :)

1. Double baby wearing, best dad!! 2. Jimmy always makes this face, had to document it.

 The hubbys at the zoo, so handsome!

My friend Heather and her daughter Jane came to visit us, it was so fun!

Nathan's dad had a conference in AZ so we got to go swimming at his hotel, it was such a fun weekend!

 BYU's cutest fans

Woo hoo! We made it to three months!

1. Nathan and I did a little weekend getaway to Flagstaff 2. Natalie flashing her cute smile.

 Babies on Easter

1. Nathan and I got to go out to the Phoenix Symphony 2. Jimmy deep in conversation with his friend Owen.

 1. We put grass in the backyard! 2. Love these two.

 My sisters twins with my twins!

Natalie explaining to Jimmy how much she loves us.

These guys love thier dad!!

Diamondbacks spring training game!

More morning snuggles

Day at the zoo with sisters and mom!

1. Tummy time 2. We went to Southern California to visit friends and went strawberry picking!

 Babies had thier first flight! We went to Chicago to see Nathan's family and they did great!

1. Shedd Aquarium 2. Bulls game!

Field Museum

Babies first train ride

1. Jimmy and Leah Lou 2. Four generations

 Nathan and his longtime friend Ted

We went to Marges gorgeous house for brunch

1. Celebrating James' birthday. 2. Jimmy fell asleep on uncle Stefan at church

Babies four month appointment

12lbs 8oz 16%
23.6in 17%
15.7 head 33%

13lbs 13oz 17%
24in 8%
16.5 head 63%

 Natalies first ponytail

These two have really started loving on each other! Grabbing each others hands and smiling at each other, it kills me!

Love these two with all my heart and love watching them grow.