Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dagupan, Philippines

We are now in the Philippines! Nathan's Grandma is serving a mission in Dagupan and we had the opportunity to go visit her! It was so nice to see her, especially since we haven't seen her since we got married!

1. A lot of the Philippines is just small little shacks :( 2. Grandma Patsy and the gang at her office.

People ride "jeepnees" instead of buses in Dagupan

This is going to be pretty nasty... Towards the end of our stay in Thailand I started to get a small rash like shown in picture one.  I thought nothing of it and continued through life. Then the rash started to turn into nasty little pussy things. So we got some cream from the pharmacy and it turned into purple things. Do not worry. I am still alive.  I went to the doctor when I came home and he said, "oh, it's probably just a staph infection." JUST A STAPH INFECTION?! But don't worry again, it is almost gone. Hopefully no scars!!

1. Everyone is the Philippines is CRAZY about Angry Birds, so Kevin bought a shirt.  2. Our Jeepnee broke down for a bit, but Kevin came to the rescue. 3. Some real Suns fans in the Philippines. 4. Some random man with a gun came over to help up with our Jeepnee...what a nice man.

Next up, zip lining over the Philippines!


  1. GROSS! Can't believe you didn't go to the doc! Hi Gma!

  2. favorite line about your legs: "I thought nothing of it and continued through life." hahahaa
    glad you didn't die.