Thursday, April 7, 2016


Nathan found ridiculously cheap tickets to Colombia so we said why not? Lets go! People thought we were crazy but it was such a fun trip and not once did I feel unsafe. We spent the first four days in Bogota, and Nathans parents got to meet up with us! Bogota is up in the mountains so the weather was fantastic. In the square there are tons of pigeons and people selling seeds to feed them, James loved it (even when birds would land on him!) while Natalie wasn't a fan.

We went to a free Police Museum where we saw the history of the drug lords in Colombia. The second picture shows a desk where they would hide money/drugs. Pretty cool!

 The muesum

Natalie posing with a machine gun ;) Check out her face!

Delicious paella one day for lunch

We had to get James a colombian jersey. EVERYONE there LOVED the babies. Everyone we would walk by would have to comment and ask if they're twins. 

A cool salt mine tour we went on


 We visited a beautiful cathedral on the mountain, and James got to meet a llama.

Dinner with a beautiful view.

The next five days we spent in Cartagena. It was such a blast! We ate lots of street food (my favorite arepas), took naps, lots of walks and shopping, and went to the beach!

It was such a fun trip and I would recommend it to anyone!