Sunday, July 6, 2014

We're pregnant!!!

April 27, 2014
We transferred two grade 1 embryos! Nathan and I had many talks about how many embryos to transfer. We knew that transferring two gave us a good chance of twins but I really thought that with transferring two we would only get one to stick. Twins crossed my mind but I really didn't think both would stick. The wait now begins to see if it worked! My blood tests aren't till May 5 and 7, I don't find out the results from both tests till the 7th. I made nathan promise me to not let me take a home pregnancy test till May 4th. I didn't want to take a test to early and get a false negative and have my hopes shut down.

May 3, 2014--3 weeks 4 days
The wait is killing us!! Nathan's parents are in town for 24 hours for an impromptu trip to go to a good friends wedding anniversary party. I talked Nathan into letting me take a test a day early so that if we are pregnant we will be able to tell his parents in person. I wake up early (6AM) having the urge to pee but don't want to pee yet because with the home pregnancy test you are supposed to use your first morning pee. I can't hold it anymore and tell Nathan I am going to take a test, he is half asleep and says go for it. I take a test, put it on the counter then get back into bed and wait 2 minutes. I start praying hard asking for it to be positive. I jump out of bed to check the test and immediately see two dark lines! It wasn't even questionable or a squinter, there were definitely two dark lines!! I start crying and hop into bed and whisper to Nathan that "I'm pregnant!!" we hug and cuddle. He falls back asleep but I am way too excited to fall back asleep. I can't believe we are finally pregnant!! After 2.5 years and so much heart break, we are finally pregnant! Later that morning I come out to the living room with the test and start crying before I even start talking and tell Rivka and James we are pregnant! They were both so happy for us. We call the rest of our immediate family and let them know the good news.

May 5, 2014--3 weeks 6 days
I have my first blood test, but don't find out the results til my second blood test May 7. I tell the nurse taking my blood that I took a test at home and it was positive, she was so happy for me!

May 7, 2014--4 weeks 1 day
I have my second blood test and we finally find out the results! The HCG numbers can sometimes tell you if you are having a singleton or twins. They are not always reliable but you can sometimes get a good idea from them. My nurse calls me with the results and congratulates me on being pregnant! I love my nurse, she has been there for me through all of this. My first blood test number was 235 and second blood test number was 509. Now to give you an idea on the numbers, the average for a single pregnancy for my first blood test is 83, and for a twin pregnancy is 147, mine was 235. For the second blood test the average for a single pregnancy is 187, and a twin pregnancy is 362, and mine was 509. My nurse said she thinks it's more than one, but remember that the numbers aren't always reliable. Nathan and I start thinking it could be twins but I am still thinking there is a big chance it's only one baby.

May 15, 2014--5 weeks 2 days
I have my third blood test. My nurse calls with my results and my HCG is 27,000. She said she wanted the number to be at least above 1,000 and it looks like I well surpassed that... She once again tells me she is pretty sure it's twins. The average twin pregnancy number is 6,300. Nathan and I start freaking out a bit and are even thinking a possibility of triplets??! We have heard of people transferring two and having one embryo split. Our minds are blown but we know nothing is certain til the ultrasound. We are dying for the ultrasound, we want to know how many!!

May 22, 2014--6 weeks 2 days
Ultrasound day!! We both could barely sleep the night before. My appointment is at 12:15 and Nathan meets me at the doctors office. I am so anxious, I am nervous but excited! We get called back into the room and have the ultrasound. Before the doctor even says anything and is looking around I see two sacs. Nathan hasn't seen it yet (he doesn't really know what he's looking at, I've had enough ultrasounds I know exactly what I am looking at!). The doctor then tells us "well they're two in there!". We both freak out inside, at least I know I did!! We got to see and hear both their heartbeats. I may have shed a tear or two. It was remarkable hearing their heartbeats! I loved it so much. Baby A's heartbeat was 123, measuring 6 weeks 3 days and baby B's heartbeat was 111, and measuring 6 weeks 1 day. We are given the due date of January 13 (we know the exact day I conceived because of the IVF) but he said twins normally come 3-4 weeks early. After the appointment Nathan and I are in shock. We are so happy and excited but in shock. We call our families and let them know the exciting news. We still can't believe it!!

June 4, 2014--8 weeks 1 day
Today is my first appointment with my OB. She is great and I just love her. She seems so excited about the babies, which is crazy to me because all she ever sees are babies! I love how excited she gets and it makes me even happier. I got to see both babies again and they look like little gummy bears! Baby A's hearbeat was 170 measuring 8 weeks and Baby B's heartbeat was 172 measuring 8 weeks 2 days. I love seeing them and hearing their hearts beat.

June 5, 2014--8 weeks 2 days
Today is my last fertility doctor appointment! I can't tell you how happy I am to graduate from them, but how sad I am because I will miss the doctors and nurses! After being with them for almost a year I really got to know and love them. At my appointment we check out the babies one last time and everything is looking great. Towards the end of the appointment my doctor pointed out that I have a small blood clot but to not worry about it. That being said, I will try not to worry but it's hard not to! Also with this being my last fertility appointment, I get to stop the injections at 9 weeks, so in just 5 days! Nathan has been giving me 1cc of progesterone into my back hip every day for the last 7 weeks, I can't tell you how happy I am to be done with injections (I will go over the whole IVF process later.) I had this post it note on my mirror to remind me to do the injections and on my last day of injections Nathan ripped it up for me :)

June 16, 2014--9 weeks 6 days
I loved this ultrasound! The babies were moving around and kicking like crazy! I did not expect to see them move so soon, it was amazing watching them wiggle around. Nathan was able to come to this appointment and he was amazed by them as well. We were hopping the blood clot would be gone by now but the clot it still there. The clot is the same size and has not grown at all, which is good but we are sad it is not gone. Nathan and I are supposed to leave for our trip to Spain in 2 days and my doctor "advises" us not to go. This really upsets me and I end up crying, it's the hormones I promise! She tells us that flying and traveling itself will not put the babies at risk, it's just what "if" something happens while we are in the air flying and cannot land. Nathan and I ask her if we can have time to think about whether or not we are going to go. We go home, fast (well Nathan fasts and so does our families) and we attend the temple. We come to the conclusion that we feel good about me going. We let the doctor know I am going to go and she wishes me a good trip. I lay low the whole trip in Spain and do as little walking as I could. Everything ended up working our perfectly. My doctor wants to see me once we get back from Spain and check on the blood clot.

July 3, 2014--12 weeks 2 days
We were both anxious for this appointment. We wanted to make sure that nothing happened to the babies while we traveled and that the blood clot was gone. We go in for the ultrasound and the blood clot it gone! Truly an answer to our prayers. Both babies are looking great and still moving around like crazy. I love seeing them. They make me so happy. We could only get a good profile image of one of the babies, the second picture is of their heads next to each other, best buds :)

Since I am out of the miscarriage stage and we just had a healthy ultrasound, we were ready to announce it to the world! Nathan had the creative idea of making fake plane tickets. We found some on google and I photoshopped the rest. I loved telling the world our happy news.


  1. i love this. SO much. what a crazy ride it has been for you guys and I am so glad it has such a wonderful end (ore should I say beginning?!). you are already an incredible mother and I know that even though this road has been so long and so hard, you will be grateful for how it changed you and it will make you an even better mother. :) SO happy for you guys. now when do you find out what you are having?!
    p.s. I am guessing two boys!

  2. So exciting! I loved having you as a buddy through all of this, and am so happy we both are expecting twins around the same time! Now, if only we lived closer ;)