Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chiang Mai

After leaving Bankok we finally arrived in Chiang Mai! Such a beautiful place.  

Here are some pictures of our hotel and Nathan, James and Leah.

There taxis are basically a truck with a cover and two bench seats along the side. Pretty sweet!

While we were there Nathan got a custom made suit from his parents for graduation.

They had these fish "spas" all over.  And one of them was internet cafe. So we emailed Stefan while having these little sucker fish eat the dead skin off our feet. I could only do it for a couple minutes. It tickled too much!!

And of course lots of shopping was done :)

We went to this awesome restaurant where we got to watch thai dancers while we ate. The bottom right picture is of two trees that grew together to make an arch.

This is only the beginning of our trip. Much more to come!


  1. Way cool! Wish I could have that tree arch in my backyard!

  2. hurry and get to the elephants and tigers!