Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Mom

A few things I have learned from my mom,
1. To save my money. I have learned from her to not bother looking at anything else but the clearance section!
2. To always have a presentable home. Keep it clean!
3. She is my personal doctor, not only was she the one to initially diagnose my celiac, she helps me to stay healthy and motivates me to work out.
4. She has taught me how to have a healthy and happy marriage by centering it around Christ.
5. Although she is a strict mom, I am glad she is. (Check out these rules!!) I hope that I can be half as great of a mom as she is.
The Family Rules
6. She is not afraid of anything, she went skydiving last year! She gives me courage.
7. She has taught me to never give up. To keep trying and once you start something, you have to finish it.
8. She has taught me to be more selfless. She is always putting others first. She finds joy in serving, and I now find that same joy in serving others.
9. She has taught me that being a mom is the greatest job a woman can ever have.
Isn't she a babe?!

I love you mom! Thanks for being the best mom I could ever ask for. You mean the world to me!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lake Tahoe

Nathan and I went to Lake Tahoe this weekend. It was gorgeous and the weather was glorious! Too cold to swim but we loved hiking around and admiring natures beauty. Get ready for a picture overload!

A pinecone so big you can play football with it!

Saturday morning we ate at a cute ma and pop breakfast joint

gorgeous Tahoe

a woodpecker 

on a hike

another bird

We enjoyed dinner on the pier

It was such a fun trip and we look forward to returning! 

Thursday, May 2, 2013


I still don't think it's hit me that I live in California. We are loving it here! The weather is fantastic and we are both really enjoying our jobs. My mom came to town a couple weeks ago to help us unpack and decorate, I could not ask for a better mom. She was so helpful and has a great eye for interior decorating. Here is a little virtual tour of our new home!

 Living Room

Reading Corner

Praha means Prague in Czech, where Nathan served his mission

Entry way, I love this lil rug I got at Ikea

the "Piano Room"

Hence the piano, which I looove

Guest bathroom, we also have a guest bedroom but we have nothing in there right now, so come visit us :)

 Kitchen, it's ginormous! 

Our bedroom

 The backyard, Nathan put up a strand of white lights, we love eating out here

The front door

Our house is on the right

I love our neighborhood! All the streets are tree lined and there are so many fun shops and restaurants in walking distance 

So this is our new home! Nathan and I got a deal for a hotel in Lake Tahoe, so we are heading there this weekend. My sister Morgan leaves on her mission and Nathan and I leave for Africa this month! Lots to look forward to!