Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Goodbye Ape Friends

Friday was my last day at the zoo and it was a sad day. These apes really have become my friends, and they are the best kind of friends to have. 



Nathan got to come see behind the scenes. He had to wear a face mask because he had not been TB tested, but thank goodness he was wearing that mask! After I was done feeding some of the gorillas and we were walking away, Baracka came running, picked up a handful of hay and poop and chucked it at Nathan at about 50 mph (and I am not even being sarcastic!!)

Feeding Baracka

Kibibi, or I like to call her Biebster

Feeding Kwame

Feeding Kojo


Feeding Kyle

Being able to work at this zoo was such an amazing opportunity and I hope I can work with primates again soon!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Harry Potter World

So for Christmas Rivka and James got us tickets to Universal Studios. The Harry Potter World was AMAZING. Walking through the castle I literally felt like a Hogwarts student. We saw the talking portraits, the pensieve, Harry, Hermoine, Ron, Dumbledore, the sorting hat and so much more. The rides were awesome too. I seriously wish that wizards and witches were real.

OH MY GOODNESS. The butterbeer was delicious!! It tasted like cream soda with a thick butterscotch foam on top. It was to die for.


Chocolate Frogs

Every flavor beans, we played a fun game with these while waiting for rides. You would randomly select a bean, eat it and try to guess the flavor. Some of them are horrible. Nathan got vomit and ear wax, the worst one I got was grass.

Stefan and his chocolate frog

The owlery 

Getting some chocolate candy in Honeydukes

Kevin enjoying a turkey leg

My pygmypuff and I

Diagon Alley at night

Enjoying some more butterbeer in Three Broomsticks

This one was just too cute to not post. 

We are SO sad this trip was over. We made so many fun memories and miss the VDG's!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Disney World--Day 3

On our third day at Disney World we went to Animal Kingdom! I was really excited to go to this park because last time I was at Disney World I didn't spend much time there. It also got us really excited for our trip to Uganda in two months.

This tree is awesome.

Waiting for the park to open

On the Kilimanjaro Safari

I got to practice taking pictures while in a moving jeep. I think I still need to practice that.

Nala and Simba

I spy with my little eye a hippo!

I made sure we saw the gorillas


We went on the Mt Everest ride for the frist time, it was a lot of fun! It's on Nathan's bucket list to hike to base camp some day.

Leah Lou got her pretty face painted

Saw "It's Tough to be a Bug"

And we saw the Lion King show. I had never seen it before and I absolutely loved it! Hannah was going crazy and dancing the entire time, it was too cute.

After Animal Kingdom we headed over back to Magic Kingdom where the grils met Ariel

And of course Stefan wanted a pic with her, can you blame him?! He just got home from his mission!

This wraps up our days at Disney World but Harry Potter World is next!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Disney World--Day 2

On day two we went to Hollywood Studios. I keep calling it MGM Studios because last time I was there it was called MGM. This park reminds me a lot of California Adventure. It was a lot of fun and had a few of my favs like Tower of Terror, Toy Story and Space Tours. Sadly, I only took one picture at the park. Shame on me, I know!

After Hollywood Studios in the morning we headed over to Epcot for lunch. We ate at the Mexican restaurant and the atmosphere was amazing. There was a river going through the restaurant and a huge Mayan temple with a volcano going off in the distance. It was delicious!

At the aquarium in Epcot

Some scuba divers giving us thumbs up

Oh no! Claire got eaten by Bruce!

Sun in our eyes, but had to get a picture with the Epcot ball

They had an awesome flower and garden festival going on with tons of characters made of shrubbery and flowers.

Overall a very fun and exhausting day!