Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gender Reveal

Ali's point of view:
I had been counting down the days til my 16 week doctors appointment. I was really counting on being able to find out the gender at that appointment. Nathan left work early and met me at the doctors office. We talked to the doctor for a bit first then had the ultrasound. The babies weren't really cooperating (and we were on the crummy ultrasound machine at the office) so we couldn't see their gender!! I was so sad. Nathan and I talked after the appointment and decided we (mostly I!) couldn't wait any longer. I set up an appointment with an elective ultrasound place for the next day. This place has a guarantee that if the babies are not cooperating and we cannot see the gender you will get your money back. I felt like it was a safe bet and we went for it. The sad thing was though that Nathan couldn't miss anymore work. He had left work early the day before hoping we would be able to find out the gender so missing two days in a row wasn't a good idea. I was so sad about him not being able to be there. I talked to my sister in law Dani who had the brilliant idea of having the ultrasound technician write down the gender of each baby on two separate cards and not tell me. It was fun seeing the babies but so hard to not look at the screen when he was finding out the gender. My appointment was at 2 and Nathan didn't come home til 530. I was holding the gender of my two babies in my hands and I was not allowed to look!! It was SO hard!! I was tempted to look so many times. Well Nathan came home and we went straight to Target. Once at Target I gave him a card and we each opened one. I then went to the baby section and picked out an outfit for that gender. I called Nathan when I was done and he then went and picked out an outfit for the gender he had gotten. My card had said boy and I was sure we were going to be having two boys! I loved looking at the outfits and picking something out. After Nathan had picked out his outfit we headed home. Once at home we switched bags and found out what the other baby was! I was so surprised when I pulled out pink! I am still in shock!! It was so fun being able to find out together :)

Nathan's point of view:
Ali was a great sport by waiting for me to come home from work to find out the gender along with her. I've been super busy at work lately and had already missed a few afternoons for doctor's appointments and I couldn't really miss anymore. I got home as early as I could and could tell Ali was about to have a nervous breakdown from the suspense of not knowing. When I opened my card and saw "girl" I couldn't believe it. I was so excited to pick out a little dress. I was convinced Ali had "girl" too and that we'd be having two girls. I knew I'd be thrilled either way, but I REALLY wanted a boy, so I was so happy to find out that we'd get one of each. I don't think the video shows how happy I really was (but it might show how relieved I was to get a little more testosterone to balance out the estrogen in this house).

Which will it be?!

baby boy AND baby girl

Baby boy on top, profile of his face. And baby girl on the bottom, laying face down.