Monday, January 2, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand

After Korea Nathan and I flew to Bankok to meet up with James and Kevin.  

We got to go to an English ward while in Bangkok and it was the primary program.  The ward was so diverse! Thai, Indian, African, American, etc.

1 & 2. Eating some delicious street food. Food is so cheap over there. You can a meal for two or three dollars! 3. A tuk tuk, these are there taxis, so awesome!

1. We went on a boat tour where we went to this awesome temple. I am horrible and cannot remember the name of it.  2. Big Buddah. 3. James, Nathan and Kevin at the top of the temple.  4. The climb down, the stairs were soo steep!

1. At the grand palace, men had to have long pants on so Kevin got to rent these sweet MC hammer pants.  2 & 3. You would think this place was made of Gold. 4.  Nathan and I.

Such amazing detail in every building.

The building where the emperor used to live.

Later that night we were off to Chiang Mai to be with Rivka, Dani, Claire and Leah. 


  1. Looks like you are having so much fun! Can't wait for more pictures!