Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Salzburg was gorgeous! It was such a cute city.  The first thing we did was the Salt Mines. I know it sounds a little boring but it was AWESOME. We got dressed up in these cool jump suits and got to go down these huge slides. Random, yes. But awesome!!

Did some walking around and looked at some nice fancy shops.

Walked my Mozart's home

Walked around Mirabell Garden where some of the Sound of Music was filmed. I loved all the flowers!

We saw a Mozart concert in a restaurant that has been around for hundreds of years.

We went to the trick fountains at Hellburnn Palace. Nathan didn't tell me where we were going, all I knew is that we were going on a tour at a palace. At the beginning of the tour the guide asked for a volunteer, and I love volunteering so I volunteered! And so did the Asian to my right, look at how scared she looks! And I had no idea why.

Then this happened, but thank goodness I was sitting on the seat that didn't have a fountain!!

Anyone know what movie this is from and what song is being sung in there?!

Next up some more Austira and a little more Czech Republic!


  1. sound of music! i am 17 going on 18 bla bla bla. are those the right ages? i forget! we went to salzburg with my parents! i didn't know you guys went there! funnnn! we went on the sound of music tour because my mom loves the sound of music. it was actually really cool haha. just rocking out to the music on the bus up in the mountains!

  2. I loved Salzburg! The mines are so fun!

  3. oh my goodnes, salzburg is so beautiful. and seeing these pictures made me miss austria so much. glad you had fun!

  4. we didn't do the salt mines but my parents couldn't stop talking about them from when they went yearsss ago. but i loved the sound of music stuff, naturally.