Sunday, June 24, 2012


These are our good friends the Hicks. We got married at the same day, same time and in the same place as them! But different rooms of course. Nathan and Kimball had some classes together so they chatted a little before we all got married. The next semester Kelsey and I had a class together and knew each other looked familiar and we made the connection that we had met in the temple! We had a few classes together ever since and have become best friends! She is from AZ like me and her husband is from DC (where we now live) and Nathan is from Chicago (where they now live.) What a small world!! We love them. So of course after the semester was over we went to Disneyland with them. Best decision ever.
Tea Cups

 Haunted Mansion

Indiana Jones 

I swear we almost got it out!!

It was such a fun trip and we miss our friends!! Next up, sister trip to NYC!