Sunday, June 17, 2012

I have the best dad

I know everyone says they have the best dad and blah blah blah. But I am being honest when I say, I, Ali Van De Graaff have THE best dad :)
He makes me cry at the right moment. You can't see my face here, but I am balling. So good thing you can't see my face. 

And like Sister Dalton said, "The most important thing a father can do for his daughter [and son] is to love their mother."  And my dad is the greatest example of this. There is never a moment he is not treating her with respect and dignity.

When I tell people I have four sisters they ALWAYS say "Oh your poor father!" HAH!! If they only knew my dad LOVES it and that we are all little daddys girls! When my dad was Bishop he changed the fathers and sons campout to fathers and children campout. It was the best!!

 We get our love for Disneyland from him (and my mom). 

Not only is he a great dad but he is also a great grandpa!

 He loves to throw around the pig skin with his four sons in laws.

 One time he came all the way to Hawaii to visit me. Now that's love!

 He is always in tip top shape, exercise on vacation?! No thanks!

 He (and my mom) are the biggest Cougar fans around.

He takes his crazy kids on bike rides.

All in all I have the greatest Dad (and Mom too!)

And to top off all this awesomeness, I have the best Father in Law too!


  1. oh my gosh your dad really is adorable. what a sweetheart - love that he turned the father and sons campout to father children campout. my favorite!!