Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Is anyone sick of me blogging about Europe yet?! Well this is the last Europe post! Yay, I did it! Our last day in Austria we went on a beautiful hike. I really wasn't up for hiking but I am very glad I went. Like I've said hundreds of times before about Europe, it was beautiful!

Nathan was tempted several times to cliff jump into the crystal clear water but we knew it was gonna be pretty chilly!

After Austria we had to drive our car back to the Czech Republic to return it. We stopped it a cute city called Czechy Krumlov. We ate lunch there and then back on the road.

Nathan had to get a picture by this car, he loves Kofola!

There are these yellow fields all over Czech Republic and Slovakia. They make oil out of the flowers.

Once we reached Prague we flew back to Istanbul where we stayed another night and went to the Aquarium there. Then we finally arrived back in the US of A!