Friday, June 15, 2012


After Hungary we drove to Austria. I am in love with Austria. The drive was gorgeous. Usually I don't like long drives but we could have driven forever in Austria and I would be happy.

The hills are alive!

 Hallstatt was our first stop in Austria and probably my favorite lil city of the whole trip. It is seriously out of a fairy tale.  I am going to live here someday!!

I mean can this town get any cuter??!!

We bought this awesome little nativity carved out of wood. I am in love with it.

And my cute husband picked me some wild flowers while on a walk.

Next up Salzburg!


  1. Honestly, this place is just amazingly gorgeous. I can't get over the little houses on the hill, the mountains in the background, and the beautiful lake - take me to Austria please.

  2. i am really so sad that we didn't make it here!!! i must go back!

  3. oh my it's so beautiful. i need to go back. AH and it's killing me, we bought one of those small nativity sets for elle' and jord for their germany gift because they were freshly married and I DIDN'T GET ONE FOR MYSELF. what was i thinking?!!!!! hope chest hello! ticked.