Thursday, June 14, 2012

Banska Bystrica and Tatra Mountains

Bonska was probably my favorite Slovakia city. It was so beutiful! Nathan and I went on a hike with some members. It is so green there! Well, I guess everything is "so green" to me because I am from Arizona...

We love Lucia and Valeria!

 We also saw the Avengers there in 3D! There movies are in English and have Slovak subtitles.

Nathan with one of the members he baptized.

 The ward, pretty small huh??! And he taught those missionaries in the MTC!

After Banska we drove to the Tatra Mountains. It is soo gorgeous up there but I forgot to take pictures!! I am so mad at myself for that. We attempted a hike but it started pouring a few minutes after we left our cabin and it poured the rest of the day :(

Poland was only fifteen minutes away so we headed over there for an hour to add that country to our list! :)

The view from our cabin

On our drive we saw this castle. I cannot remember the name of it but it is one of the largest castles in Europe, it is over 5 kilometers long!

Next up Kosice and Budapest!

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  1. haha and it's just funny that you have the poland with rainy pictures because our ONLY memories of poland (we were only there for like an hour or two also - just to add a country) it was SO rainy. so we always talk about rainy poland. was it rainy for you???

    GOOD JOB on these posts i'm loving every one.