Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kosice and Budapest

Kosice was the last city we went to in Slovakia. I can not get over how gorgeous every city is here! Nathan is a lucky man to have been able to live there for two years! While Nathan was on his mission I sent him this picture from Hawaii. He sent me a similar picture in front of a fountain doing a similar pose. I wasn't sure if he was making fun of me or just being weird. Now I know he was making fun of me :)

So we recreated the picture again of course.

Over in Slovakia and the Czech Republic they have this soda called Kofola. Its kind of like Coca Cola but with a ginger and black licorice taste to it. At first I did not like it at all but after drinking it almost every day I started to like it! Also, we loved the mug I was drinking out of below so much that we asked the waitress if we could buy it and she said we could have it for free! Booyah!

We met up with some more members while over there. Nathan is actually distantly related to Brother Van Dallen, he is from the Netherlands.

 We also visited these two sweet members. They are so sweet and kind. They made a whole cake for us  to take home! The one in the middle is actually a Jewish Holocaust survivor. 

Budapest was an awesome city. So huge but very clean. We went to this amazing Communist museum called the House of Terror. After going through the museum I can really see why it was called that.

In a park they have some bars with tons of locks on it.  You are suposed to put a lock on it with your "lover" with your initials on it, lock it on the bar, and throw the key into the Danube river and it signifies eternal love. 

We went on a fun, but long and hot walking tour that showed us some cool places.

Next up is the fairy-tale city Hallstatt! 

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