Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Disney World--Day1

Nathan's dad had a conference in Orlando so the whole gang met there to go to Disney World! It was such a blast and so fun spending time with family. Our first day there we went to Magic Kingdom in the morning. 

The newly wed couple posing in front of my favorite, Pirates of the Caribbean 

Claire and I waiting in line for the Aladin Magic Carpet ride

Aladins Magic Carpet ride

The girls meeting Rapunzel! 

Snow White

Splash Mountain

Erin and Stefan sat in the front and got soaked!

In the afternoon we went to Epcot!

The Van De Graaffs love Figment!

Conducting some music with Ba

Claire and I trying to catch water in the fountain

Kevin and Hannah playing

The whole gang!

Osborn Clan

Then that night we went back to Magic Kingdom for some more rides!

It was such an awesome day, and this was only day 1!

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