Thursday, April 10, 2014

Disney World--Day 3

Our last magical filled day was spent at Magic Kingdom. We got there before the park opened and loved seeing all the characters come out and greet us for the park opening!

Once in the park the non VDG bloods headed over to the tea cups. Those VDGs have sensitive stomachs and don't like spinning and twirling, while I on the other hand love it! My dad would take us on this ride as kids and make our heads pop off!

1. The new 7 Dwarfs ride being built, almost done! 2. Some manly men in front of Gastons Tavern

 If I were a duck I would definitely want to be a duck that lives at Disney World! 

Nathan and Claire bear posing in front of Belles Castle

Jungle Cruise!

Hey, my legs get tired too!

Claire and I love riding Thunder Mountain together, it's our "thing"

Baby ducks, baby bunnies, you name it, Disney has it!

Leah lou getting some sparkles in her hair and making a wish!

Most of the gang in front of the castle

Hanging out at Swiss Family Robinson Tree House!

Claire and Leah got to be in Belles show!

Oh, and so did I! I may have been the only one over 4 feet tall.....


Electrical Parade

And the last one of the night was the Laugh Floor!

It was such a magical trip with family! Can't wait to go back!!!

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