Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Disney World--Day 2

So Disney World has this new magic bands thing which I think is awesome! I was skeptical at first but ended up loving it! So with magic bands you get your fast passes online before going to the park. You can switch them the day of on the app of online but you only get three. I was worried about that not being enough but it worked out great. The fast passes are on your bands, so when you go to your ride during the allotted time there is a little post that scans your band and you go on. Not only do the bands hold your fast passes but it is also your room key! Your hotel room door scans the band! How awesome is that? On top of all that you can hook your credit card to it so when buying food or souvenirs in the park they just scan your band! Disney is brilliant.

Morning of day 2 was spent at Animal Kingdom. First we headed over to Kilimanjaro Safaris. 

Instead of boring you with the 100 pictures I took of animals I will just post a couple of my favorites, like this adorable baby elephant.

And of course this handsome gorilla.

Then the "big kids" headed over to Mt. Everest, this ride is awesome!

Its Tough To Be A Bug

The Tree of Life

 In the afternoon we headed over to Hollywood Studios

Another favorite, Toy Story!

Hannah being cute

We saw the Fanstasmic show that night

And the "big kids" hit up Tower of Terror and Rockin Roller coaster! 

Another magical day at Disney World!


  1. thanks for the higlights! so glad everyone could be there. Hannah's begging to go back, I don't blame her. Fun times!

  2. wow those magic bands sound amazing!!