Sunday, March 2, 2014


On Friday night Nathan and I did the 2.5 hour drive to the cutest bed and breakfast just outside of Yosemite. We met our friends from San Jose, the Kindts, there and it was a blast. The couple that owned the house were the sweetest, and the house itself was gorgeous. We hung out with everyone that night and heard some crazy stories from Joe, the house owner, who was a helicopter pilot and Vietnam who has survived 5 different helicopter crashes, crazy! Breakfast the next morning was delicious!

The B&B

Our drive into Yosemite was gorgeous! There was a big snow fall the day before so it looked like we had just entered Narnia. The weather that day had a 60% chance of rain/snow and we prayed for good weather, well there ended up being blue skies, prayers answered!

We made a turn and then all of a sudden we saw El Capitan and Half Dome, we ooh'd and ahhh'd.

Another shot of Half Dome

Half Dome again in the background with Nathan and I.

Spencer and Sadey

Yosemite Falls

The whole gang

It was such a fun little trip, we will be going back to Yosemite for sure!