Wednesday, April 23, 2014


On our way home from Florida we had a 10 hour layover in Arizona, I stayed up in Arizona but Nathan was able to come to church eat dinner with the family that day, it was a great day!

After dinner we played a non [very] competitive game of wiffle ball

1. Grandpa and his grandbabies. 2. Nols being silly as usual!

 1. Saw my lifelong BFF Morgan. 2. Went to Suns vs. Clippers game where we barely lost...

 Got to see these two lovely ladies and adorable Tad.

Think there is enough blondes in the family!?

We hit up an awesome new splash pad in Mesa!

 Nols and I have the same facial expression here, the water was chilly!

1. Tristan being cute. 2. Nol showing off his cute speedo.

A fun picnic

And kite flying to top off an awesome day!

We also went to my favorite place, the zoo!! How cute is this, Tristan and his friend holding hands!

1. My mom lookin good with some grandbabies. 2. Evelyn brushing a goat.

 Little bunny foo foo

Nolan wasn't a fan of the carousel.

Evelyn was though!

It was such a fun trip! Missing my family and AZ!

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