Saturday, March 23, 2013

Harry Potter World

So for Christmas Rivka and James got us tickets to Universal Studios. The Harry Potter World was AMAZING. Walking through the castle I literally felt like a Hogwarts student. We saw the talking portraits, the pensieve, Harry, Hermoine, Ron, Dumbledore, the sorting hat and so much more. The rides were awesome too. I seriously wish that wizards and witches were real.

OH MY GOODNESS. The butterbeer was delicious!! It tasted like cream soda with a thick butterscotch foam on top. It was to die for.


Chocolate Frogs

Every flavor beans, we played a fun game with these while waiting for rides. You would randomly select a bean, eat it and try to guess the flavor. Some of them are horrible. Nathan got vomit and ear wax, the worst one I got was grass.

Stefan and his chocolate frog

The owlery 

Getting some chocolate candy in Honeydukes

Kevin enjoying a turkey leg

My pygmypuff and I

Diagon Alley at night

Enjoying some more butterbeer in Three Broomsticks

This one was just too cute to not post. 

We are SO sad this trip was over. We made so many fun memories and miss the VDG's!

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