Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Goodbye Ape Friends

Friday was my last day at the zoo and it was a sad day. These apes really have become my friends, and they are the best kind of friends to have. 



Nathan got to come see behind the scenes. He had to wear a face mask because he had not been TB tested, but thank goodness he was wearing that mask! After I was done feeding some of the gorillas and we were walking away, Baracka came running, picked up a handful of hay and poop and chucked it at Nathan at about 50 mph (and I am not even being sarcastic!!)

Feeding Baracka

Kibibi, or I like to call her Biebster

Feeding Kwame

Feeding Kojo


Feeding Kyle

Being able to work at this zoo was such an amazing opportunity and I hope I can work with primates again soon!


  1. did you have a radar gun to know that it was 50mph?

    and are they really the best kind of friends? They can't talk!

    love ya!

  2. still like the coolest thing ever!!