Saturday, March 9, 2013


Like I said in my previous post, our days are winding down here and we are trying to do as many things as we possibly can! This weekend Nathan and I went to Gettysburg with our good friends the Jensens.  It was only an hour and a half drive and the drive was gorgeous! I loved seeing the rolling hills with little barns.

Our cute friends, the Jensens

We went to the National Gettysburg Museum and I learned so many new things. I though this sketch down below was awesome. It's crazy to me that they have this from over 150 years ago.

There was this amazing painting there that was 360 degrees that wrapped around the entire wall and was 50 feet high. It looked so realistic.

 We also saw our good friend there honest Abe.

We visited the memorials. Interesting fact: if the horse had one leg up that meant the man riding the horse was wounded in war, if both front legs are up the man was killed in war and if all four legs are on the ground the man escaped the battle without injury.


We ate at a fun little diner where I made sure to where a bib because I cannot eat a meal without spilling on myself.

The cemetery 

Loved the architecture there.

Tough guys posing by the canon.

And we met a confederate! 

It was a fun packed weekend and we are going to miss our friends the Jensens!