Monday, March 18, 2013

Disney World--Day 1

Nathan's brother Stefan came home from his mission almost two weeks ago and we all met at Disney World to celebrate. It was so much fun! I love being with family, especially at Disney World. I can't even begin to explain the magical feeling I feel there. Be ready for a picture overload!

The Van De Graaff clan can't handle spinning (weak sauce!) so Kevin and I did the tea cups alone.

Leah was dying to go on the carousel.

The NEW fantasyland was awesome! This is Belles castle.

Gaston's Tavern, a new restaurant 

Ariel's new castle

The whole gang in our awesome Van De Graaff Reunion shirts.

Nathan got a hair cut, I told her to make him look like Ryan Gossling and she did a pretty darn good job!

The girls got there hair done, sparkles and all.

 We got to eat dinner in the castle!

And we saw all the princesses during our dinner!

Leah making a wish.

Repunzels tower and the castle as sunset

And we saw one of my favorite parades, the Electrical Parade. I hadn't seen that parade in over 10 years!

My personal favorite, Peter Pan

Now don't worry, this is only day 1! More posts to come.


  1. how fun! Chase is dying to go to Disney World.

  2. LOVE IT. new fantasyland is so pretty!!

  3. Love love love! Keep em coming!

  4. You should look up the record of most visits to Disneyland and try and beat it. I bet you are half way there. Chris has never gone :( I think we should all go together- you would make a good personal tour guide.