Monday, June 17, 2013

Bujagali, Uganda

People think we are crazy because we went to Uganda but it was the best trip I have ever been on. I loved every second of it and was sad to leave that amazing country and I can't wait to one day return. Everyone asks why Uganda? Ever since I worked at the zoo in DC with the gorillas I have wanted to see them in the wild. So Nathan and I started saving our money and made my dream come true. 

We spent our first couple days in Bujagali, Uganda. There we volunteered with a program called Soft Power. Soft Power brings different school to their little campus and teaches them practical skills like gardening, cooking, art, etc. We visited that small campus and they showed us what they are all about. While there we got to play the mingle game with the kids, it was so much fun! I am so sad that my camera was set on manual focus and the guy taking the pictures didn't know how to focus it so these pictures are blurry :(

Our niece Claire is in kindergarten and had her class collect some books for us to take to the school. My mom had given us some pencils, stickers and inflatable balls to give the kids. They loved it!

Isn't it so green and beautiful here!

Kids love showing off for the camera, getting their picture taken and then looking at the picture on the camera.

We enjoyed posho and beans at the school. Posho is my favorite Ugandan food.

More showing off and silly faces.

We helped paint the school.

While painting a big storm rolled through.

Majority of the houses are made with sticks and mud.

We loved walking around the village and meeting new kids.  Kids would always run up to us and want to talk. We loved handing out inflatable balls and playing with them. These kids have my heart.

Next up, rafting on the Nile!


  1. So cool! I love how you are always traveling to amazing places!

  2. i have so many questions! and comments.
    1. don't their houses start to melt away when the rain comes?!
    2. those pictures with you and those kids are adorable! ADORABLE. i want to see all of them when we come.
    3. did you get your hair done while you were there? it's cute!!