Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Game Drive in Murchison Falls

The next day we had our first real game drive. We left early hoping to see some lions. While on our drive we saw this little oribi in the middle of the road thinking he would run as we got closer, but he stood his ground and we noticed he wasn't moving because he was going to the bathroom. I think we scared the pee out of him.




Our guide, Mustafa (who is the funniest and kindest Ugandan around) is known as the Lion Man. He works with the tree climbing lions in Ishasha. He saw this footprint and hoped it would lead us to the lions We didn't find the lions today, but we did the next day!

This elephant was pretty close to us

A hippo and I

Hippos and egrets

Nathan and our car

African Fish Eagle

More giraffes, there were about 30 in this group!

 This guy was right next to the road

 We took a little boat cruise on the Nile and saw a herd of about 45 elephants


This big guy was outside the window of our hotel room

Our room

It was a very successful game drive, but tomorrow we see the lions!

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