Wednesday, June 19, 2013

23rd Birthday

I got to spend my 23rd birthday in Bujagali and loved every second of it! It was a Sunday and we got to go to church there. It was amazing being with the members and being able to hear their testimonies. The church is true wherever you travel in the world! This was our last day in Bujagali. 

We met Monique and her four kids when we were walking through the village and Nathan asked what she was doing and he decided to help, what a cutie :)

This little girl was my favorite. We met her the night before when we were walking by her house and she came to talk to us. She ran into her house to grab two stools for us to sit on while she talked to us.  After a bit we told her we had to leave and she said, "Let me escort you home" and she walked us home. The next morning I saw her and she was walking to get milk, she held my hand and walked me to the showers. She is such a sweetheart!

We saw some monkeys hanging out by the showers.

Enjoying chapati for breakfast at the home we stayed at.

This is Flo, we stayed at her house. She is an angel and the sweetest woman around. It cost us only $4 to stay there and she provided breakfast and dinner. She made us bracelets and necklaces to take home. We love Flo!

For my birthday lunch I wanted Posho and beans and we found some in the village, mmmm, my favorite! We ate at this little "restaurant" and stuffed ourselves for about $2!

We saw Monique again and this time with her mother.

Flo's house where we stayed

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  1. WOW!!! i want your birthday! This looks incredible! I'm so grateful you are documenting and sharing it with us :) Happy Birthday!