Monday, February 28, 2011

He's gone....

Stefan and Rivka came to town over President's Day weekend. We had a great time hanging out with them :)

We went shopping at missionary mall for Stefan

Stefans mission Netherlands-Belgium

Rivka took us out to dinner for Nathan's birthday/Stefans last supper at Toucanos. Sooo good!!

My hunny and I

Everyone singing Happy Birthday to Nathan while he did a little dance

And goodbye to Stefan :( Nathan is lucky because he will get to see Stefan weekly!
We miss Rivka and Stefan lots.


  1. Does your hubby work at the MTC? My brother and sister in-law work there too! I wonder if they know each other... Calvin and Courtney Schramm? That would be crrrazy.

  2. You cut your hair!!! Looks really cute on you!! We need to get together soon!

  3. you are so trendy and cute with your bangs and short hair! love it!

  4. Good luck Stefan! You will be a great missionary.

  5. ALI. DO YOU SEE THESE COMMENTS?! see, people do like your hair. and i love it. and your blogging.

  6. fun times with the VDGs! Stefan will be fab.