Sunday, March 6, 2011


For Christmas my sisters and I got my parents tickets to the Donnie and Marie show with a gas card and a hotel in Vegas. They loved it! They came to Provo after the trip in Vegas and hung out with us. It was lots of fun and so great to see them :) We went to the basketball game, it was awesome. There was a flashmob of about 2,500 students that did a dance

A picture of the program and ticket

Our nosebleed seats, but they were actually good seats!

With the parentals

Me and Mama on campus

We went to Carabas for dinner then to the Carl Bloch art exhibit at the Museum of Art. A very beautiful and spiritual experience.
It was so fun being with them and I already miss them lots :(


  1. what a blast from the past quick trip! lovin the bangs!

  2. It's always fun getting to see family- it's easy to miss them up here in the cold. :/
    I was in that flashmob, too! It was so fun!
    Love reading your posts, looks like you guys are doing good! :)