Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Month of Love

Hello! My name is Ali, this is my third attempt at blogging and lets hope this time I'll be successful. Just wanna get everyone up to date. First off, Panama:
December 19-24, 2010

The gang on the streets of Old Panama City

A recycled Christmas tree

A cathedral alter plated in gold leaf

Panama City
The view from our hotel in Gamboa
Another view from our room. Beautiful!
Panamanian Folk Dancers
Nathan and I watching the dancers
On our way to Monkey Island!!
And then it started pouring...
The crazy little monkeys! They were so cute.
Yes, they were on our boat and sitting on our laps and jumping on our heads.
We saw tons of animals. Crocodiles, toucans, parrots, snakes, iguanas and monkeys.
And lastly a fun bike ride in Panama City.

I then arrived in Phoenix on Christmas Eve and Nathan went to Chicago. It seemed like everything that could go wrong before the wedding went wrong. The groomsmen's ties didn't come in. Nathan's suit was missing for awhile. The list goes on and on. But on our wedding day everything went perfectly. Although it did snow, which never happens in Arizona, certainly a day to remember. The day started with the sealing at 10:30. Then we took some pictures around the temple. Then off to the luncheon at Tia Rosas. Then off to Wrigley mansion. The reception was perfect! It was everything I hoped and dreamed for. We are still waiting on the wedding pictures... But as soon as I get them I will be sure to post some! Nathan and I are now back up at school in Utah and loving married life living in our tiny apartment. Valentine's Day is in 8 days and Nathan's birthday is in 12! Next week I work 49 hours for the flower shop... Wish me luck!


  1. I miss you guys! Glad to finally see the Panama pics! Good luck with Vday.

  2. Love the panama pics! Monkey heaven! Love and miss you! Enjoy each other and life as a student:)

  3. yay yay yay the pictures worked now. glad about that. glad you're here blogging again.

  4. SO glad you're back to the blogging world. Love you.