Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day and Nathan's Birthday

Valentine's Day was CRAZY. I work at Campus Craft and Floral and I knew vday was going to be crazy but it was even crazier then I thought. It was a non stop line out the door. I worked from 4AM to 7PM, with a 20 minute break. I cannot believe I survived that day. Nathan worked till 9PM that night so I did not see much of him :( But I came home to this:

The post-its say: She is stunning, She is hilarious, She is sexy, She is smart, She is thoughtful, She makes me the most blessed man on the earth, She is mine, I love my wife.
And some of my favorite candy on our bed. Seriously, how cute is he?? I had dinner ready for him when he came home. It was a fun but busy Valentine's Day.

Nathan turned 23 yesterday! He is so old! Just kidding. I made him breakfast in the morning. Then we both had classes and work. He came home, we ate some sushi, he opened his presents then off to Anniversary Inn! We had the Jackson Hole room. It was so cool! Here are some fun pictures:

The Birthday Boy on our covered wagon bed



  1. ok that is the cutest, funniest, craziest place I have ever seen! FUN! Nathan did a good job for VDAY!!

  2. Cool covered wagon! You are pioneers, i love it. fun vday, sounds crazy busy. was it only boys in the line out the door?

  3. I saw one other pic from the evening. Boo, you are a creep. Haha