Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Week of Salt Lake

This last week has been crazy but fun. I've been working crazy hours and we both had lots of tests this week but found some time to go to Salt Lake... three times.

First trip: Bulls game

Nathans dad bought us tickets for his birthday

It was a close game the whole time but the Bulls won by 5 in the end (and I am still a Suns fan, I like the Bulls second to the Suns).

Second Trip: Suns game

A bunch of our friends (about 200 of them) went to the Suns game. It was awesome, we were even on ESPN.

The Suns really struggled the first half and we were always down by about 10...

But don't worry! We rocked the second half and won by 8!

Third trip: Dinner with mission friends at PF Changs

We went out to eat with three of Nathan's old mission companions (2 are married and 1 is engaged). The food was delicious and our waitress was awesome. She brought out gluten free lettuce wraps for me since I couldn't eat the regular ones and didn't charge us! There was also a birthday in each of the couples, so she brought out a big slice of chocolate cake AND a piece of delicious fudge for me! It was great.

Now for a 12 hours work day tomorrow and classes... Wish me luck!


  1. oh man i'm getting anxiety just thinking about working on valentine's day... good luck! looks like you had a fun week. ttyl.

  2. WOW! Long live SLC! Fun times in Zion:)

  3. Love it!!!! Alison is happy you're still a Suns fan. And Cassie is happy you are you. =)

  4. Why do you say no one reads your blog, drama queen!? I don't the last time I got 5 comments.

  5. i love you A. I like this blog :)