Monday, August 29, 2011

This post is dedicated to my two nephews and niece

The reason this post is dedicated to them is because basically every picture is of them. Nathan and I did the 28 hour drive to Phoenix about a week and a half ago and we loved hanging out with the Waldrom clan, even Cady and her kiddies came to town! Here is a picture overload:
 1. Tristan is in love with his cousin Quinn. He was always trying to hug and kiss her! 2. Grandpa and Jarrett playing with some legos.

We went to the new aquarium in Phoenix and ti was AWESOME.

 This is real life. They are so weird.

Touching some star fish.

 I love sea horses. And Nathan.

The whole gang.

 Lauren, Cady and I took the kiddos to the Children's museum! It was lots of fun. 

Riding some bikes!

 1. When you ask Tristan to show his teeth this is what he does. 2. Cousins playing around with the mirror.

 Fun noodle forrest and grocery shopping

I found these pictures on my camera. I think Lauren had a photo shoot with Tristan, haha!

It was a great week and we miss them all.


  1. can i just say that you have the cutest family? Your little nieces and nephews are beautiful!

  2. this is real life. hahaha. your family seems so cute and fun i want to meet them! arizona trip?!