Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh Henry

I nanny the cutest little three year old named Henry. And he says the funniest things ever. Here are just a few:

"Are you a milk maker?" (His mom just had a baby and I am sure he sees her breast feeding sometimes)

Whenever he sees his new baby sister he says, "Well hello there Claire."

For the first two months of me nannying him I would ask him almost every day if he knew my name and he would always reply, "I don't want to talk about that."

He was talking to my little sister on the phone the other day and asked, "What favorite color is you?" This means what is your favorite color?

My best friend Joslin would always say silly binilly and it rubbed off on me and now Henry says it all the time.

He says, "oh ali" a lot.

Henry loves transformers. He has eight transformers that connect to each other to make one big transformer. So the other day he handed me the instructions of how to connect them all but it looked super confsuing so I said to Henry, "This looks really hard Henry" and he replied, "It's not hard! It's soft! Real soft!"

I love Henry and I am going to miss him LOTS!


  1. What a cutie! The last comment kills me! haha

  2. "it's soft!" hahaha seriously? at first i didn't get it, but of course that makes sense. what a cute kid.

    also hilarious that he would always say "i don't want to talk about that."

    man. sad you're leaving him, but mostly glad you're coming back to me.

  3. oh man he sounds adorable. silly binilly. yessss. can't wait for you to be in provo.