Sunday, September 4, 2011

Feathers and Spoon Rings

This weekend Nathan and I went up to Midway with our friends Chelsea and Rob Starling. Chelsea's parent live in Midway so we got to stay at there house. It was so much fun! Of course we had to go to Dairy Keen, and they have gluten free hamburgers!

On Saturday we went to Swiss days. It was so fun, tons of food and cute craft booths. They even had a booth for feather extensions! I had to get some.

Chelsea and I got these awesome spoon rings for only ten dollars!
Please ignore my horrible nail polish!

The Starlings introduced us to this game called Ticket to Ride. And we have played every night for the last three nights. Seriously best game ever. Rob always wins but in the fourth picture you can see there was a tie between Nathan and Rob!!

A picture of our drive home through Provo Canyon.

I love weekends. Especially three day weekends :)


  1. I love ticket to ride!! Such a fun game! And I have been wanting a spoon ring for a while! Wish I knew where to find them at a good price around here.

  2. I love love love Ticket to Ride! Ha, Annie and I were both introduced to it by Bob. :P But it's seriously such a fun game. And have you ever hiked Bridal Veil falls? If not, you should. Even if you don't actually do the hike and you just walk the path below the falls, it's a really pretty walk!

  3. ONLY $10! you didn't mention that part! thats so cheaaappp! ah! how exciting. can't wait to see it and your feathers in real life!

  4. would i like that game? feathers? are you a bird? oh wait, yes you are!